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Experiencing a wrongful termination can be tremendously stressful and if you have reason to believe that you were illegally let go from your job, our firm wants to hear from you. At Buckley Beal LLP, we believe that employers must be held accountable when they knowingly violate worker rights, and our firm can help you to understand your legal options. Our wrongful termination lawyers possess more than 80 years of collective experience and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in past cases.

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What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

Georgia is an “at-will” state regarding employment which means that a worker may be let go for almost any reason, or in some cases with no reason. However, employees are afforded many state and federal protections and there are many reasons for which an employee cannot be fired. Wrongful termination can come in many forms and our firm can help you seek compensation for your damages.

Examples of wrongful termination can include:

  • Employee discrimination: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1984) established “protected classes” including race, sex, nationality, and religion. Employers are prohibited from taking negative actions against an employee based on these classes.
  • Retaliatory actions: It is against the law for employees to be punished for engaging in legal actions such as filing a complaint about harassment or discrimination. While retaliation can include wrongful termination, it can also include acts such as demotion, sudden transfers, and denial of a raise or a promotion.
  • Breach of contract: While employment is normally “at-will”, a contract may specify the terms under which an employee may be let go. When a contract includes clauses relating to job security, a case me be made that a worker is not an at-will employee. Spoken or implied promises, while more difficult to prove, may also afford workers protections from wrongful termination.
  • Policy violations: It is illegal to release a worker for engaging in acts protected by state or federal policies. For example, a worker cannot be let go for taking time off to serve on a jury, to vote, or to serve in the military.

Choose Award-winning Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Proving that wrongful termination has occurred can often be complex as employers are unlikely to admit to wrongdoing. A company may put forth an alternative, lawful reason for a release and you may be left to fight to ensure that your voice is heard. At Buckley Beal, we have substantial experience helping individuals overcome the hardship of wrongful termination and we can help you to maximize the strength of your claim.

Our employment law attorneys have received numerous awards for our legal ability and client service such as being named in Georgia’s "Legal Elite" by Georgia Trend Magazine and included in U.S. News—Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" 2015.

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