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Mergers & Acquisitions

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While running one business will never be exactly like running the next, there is one business strategy that repeatedly proves to be essential for growth, profits, and survivability in any market environment: mergers and acquisitions. At Buckley Beal LLP, our Atlanta business attorneys are adamant about providing our clients with legal services that embrace both the efficiency of a large firm and the personalized attention of a small firm. When you are considering a merger and acquisition to expand your company’s influence, you can depend us and our combined 85+ years of complex litigation experience to see you through it.

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Trusted Advice & Counsel from Start to Finish

A successful merger and acquisition depends almost entirely on preparation. You and your fellow company executives must be able to clearly see the direction you wish to take your business following its merger into another corporation, or after it acquires another entity into its structure. Buckley Beal LLP is focused on looking towards the future, no matter how far away it may be, and we have gained a strong reputation among our clients for being able to foresee and eliminate business strategy challenges.

Aspects of a merger and acquisition we can assist you with include:

  • Structuring: Two or more companies cannot merge into one entity or overarching conglomerate without growing pains. Planning the structure of your future business from the beginning can minimize struggles, delays, and complications. It will also give you a concise view of the goal you wish to achieve and how you want that future company to function.
  • Negotiation: You cannot expect the first merger and acquisition contract to be perfect the first time through. Either party will see a clause or a legal definition that warrants further review and negotiation. Our Atlanta contract dispute attorneys can represent your best interests when it comes time to adjust contracts and make significant business decisions.
  • Documentation: The world of business, as you assuredly know, leans heavily on proper documentation. A beneficial merger and acquisition is not an exception. Let us help you catalogue all necessary documentation, complete all agreeable contracts, and manage them appropriately so you can move your company’s vision forward as soon as possible.
  • Closing: The final steps of a merger or acquisition outweigh the majority of what came before them. Our highly-experienced team will work closely with you throughout your restructuring and joint ventures, right to the final closing, so you can be confident in the stability of the resulting business entity.

Your Profits are Our Priority

If we allow ourselves to be entirely realistic, there is not much point to any business venture if it does not have the very real potential to bring you profits and advance your company’s exposure and market influence. When it comes to handling our clients’ mergers and acquisitions, we keep the bottom line and the promise of a brighter future in focus. Allow us to help you with due diligence to size up possible benefits or problems from the beginning, proper structuring to be tax-efficient and avoid tax disputes, and employment law review to ensure no federal employment violations are committed once the merger and acquisition is completed. When everything is said and done, Buckley Beal LLP wants you to be profitable.

Step Forward into a New Future

The prospect of a merger and acquisition is exciting, especially if it promises to be the first step of many towards expanding your business beyond what you once thought was possible. Our Atlanta business lawyers genuinely want to be the legal team that help you accomplish your goals and strengthen your reputation. We have been ranked as one of “America’s leading business lawyers” by Chambers and Partners and are proud to say we have Georgia Super Lawyers® on staff, ready to put their unrivaled skill and knowledge to good use for our clients.

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