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Insurance Litigation

Insurance Litigation

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Litigating an insurance dispute is a difficult process that must be carefully handled by an experienced litigation lawyer. When an insurance company denies adequate coverage to someone who deserves it under their policy, it is known as insurance bad faith. Any type of deceptive or unfair insurance practices can be referred to as bad faith insurance and are grounds for a lawsuit.

If your insurance company is not adhering to the terms of your agreement, Buckley Beal can help. Our Atlanta business litigation attorneys have handled all types of business litigation as well as general litigation and can fight for your rights in an insurance dispute.

We can assist you if your cases involves:

  • Health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Any other kind of insurance

Insurance Subrogation Litigation

Buckley Beal has represented a number of national insurers in commercial property subrogation claims regarding large commercial losses. Starting his career with a national firm practicing subrogation litigation for some of the nation's largest property insurers, Andrew Beal has developed a deep understanding of the process of subrogation litigation and the needs of large commercial insurers and their insured clients. Throughout the last decade, Buckley Beal has successfully represented several national insurers throughout Georgia in Federal and state court in subrogation suits recovering significant payments made on large commercial losses.

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