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  • Laws Protect Veterans from Discrimination
    Laws Protect Veterans from Discrimination

    Veterans often face many challenges after returning from military service, including acclimating to civilian life, obtaining quality medical care, and starting and/or resuming a previous career. ...

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  • How to File a USERRA Complaint
    How to File a USERRA Complaint

    According to the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), members of the military are entitled to return to their jobs after deployment without any changes to their ...

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  • "Cat's Paw" Liability Upheld
    "Cat's Paw" Liability Upheld

    In a significant employment discrimination decision, the U.S Supreme Court has just ruled that an Army Reservist who had a civilian job as a hospital technician could bring a lawsuit for employment ...

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  • NDAA and the FMLA
    NDAA and the FMLA

    When President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA ) late last year, the rights of military personnel under the Family and Medical Leave Act were expanded to include more ...

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