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Covid Vaccination

“Being an anti-vaxxer is not going to cut it,” employment attorney Ed Buckley told CBS 46 News.

Now that mask restrictions are being lifted nationwide and millions of Americans have been vaccinated, employers like Delta Air Lines are calling people back to work.

But can they make people get vaccinated?

Yes, with an asterisk*, according to Atlanta employment attorney Ed Buckley.

Buckley told reporter Adam Murphy that employers do have the right to mandate their employees get vaccinated. But there are two exemptions: Those with legitimate health or religious reasons.

“Employees who have a religious objection – a legitimate heartfelt religious objection – to being vaccinated may say so and then the employer has a duty to look at whether or not it can reasonably accommodate the religious objection,” Buckley said. “I think we’ll probably see a few cases where people are alleging discrimination.”

Still, those who object must have a good reason. “Just being an anti-vaxxer is not going to cut it. If it’s not religious and it’s not medical, you’ve got to do it,” Buckley said of getting the Covid-19 vaccine if required by your employer.

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