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  • Is Your Layoff Really Retaliation?
    Is Your Layoff Really Retaliation?

    What if what looks like a standard layoff is really hiding an illegal act, such as retaliation , against an employee? Retaliation may be hard to pin down, but it may be actionable if all of the facts ...

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  • Overtime for Nurses
    Overtime for Nurses

    Nobody may work harder, and nobody may have more job satisfaction, than a nurse. But with all of those hours put in, do nurses generally qualify for overtime pay, or are they exempted under the FLSA? ...

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  • Lawyer Layoffs
    Lawyer Layoffs

    It may be hard to believe, but the buzz among attorneys in these days of so much financial difficulty has as much to do with lawyers being laid off as with their clients having hard times. More and ...

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  • Overtime for Journalists
    Overtime for Journalists

    Are reporters entitled to overtime pay? Will they write about it more if they are? Even with the well- documented decline of print media , there are certainly enough reporters left on the job for this ...

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  • Family and Medical Leave Updated Poster
    Family and Medical Leave Updated Poster

    The U.S. Department of Labor recently updated its basic informational poster to reflect changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act, including the new military family leave entitlements enacted under the ...

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