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  • Minor Lifeguards and the FLSA
    Minor Lifeguards and the FLSA

    Summer isn’t yet in full swing, but it is already hot here in Atlanta. One of the great summer jobs is lifeguarding, but it is employment that brings with it potential hazards, especially for people ...

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  • Layoffs and Age Discrimination
    Layoffs and Age Discrimination

    You got laid off or fired. You’re over the age of 50, or even 40. Younger people, some of whom you’ve trained, get to keep their jobs. Is it good business or age discrimination ? ABC News is tracking ...

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  • Pending FLSA Legislation
    Pending FLSA Legislation

    Two major amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act, one each by a Republican and a Democrat, could profoundly change several FLSA standards for overtime and minimum wages if and when they are passed ...

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  • Fast Food and Restaurant Workers and the FLSA
    Fast Food and Restaurant Workers and the FLSA

    No matter what, people have to eat. And restaurant employees will always be there to serve them. There are over 7 million people employed in restaurants in the United States, a large percentage of ...

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