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  • Wage Garnishment FAQ
    Wage Garnishment FAQ

    Getting your wages garnished is an embarrassing situation, often made worse but at least a perceived threat of losing your job. While most employers know that they can’t threaten job loss if an ...

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  • Tip Pooling under the FLSA
    Tip Pooling under the FLSA

    Next time you go to an Atlanta sushi or other nice restaurant, notice the side conversations among the staff. Much of the time, it concentrates on tips, taxes, and other paperwork that most restaurant ...

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  • Teenage Work Driving Rules
    Teenage Work Driving Rules

    Many summer jobs , particularly in agriculture and construction, require employees to drive various vehicles as a part of the job. Small companies, especially, may be tempted to put young people in ...

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  • Compensation for Online Training
    Compensation for Online Training

    Many companies in the Atlanta area now require that their employees take online training classes, or classes at outside facilities. Should the time spent taking this training be compensated? The FLSA ...

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  • Supreme Court Narrows Ability to Prove Age Discrimination
    Supreme Court Narrows Ability to Prove Age Discrimination

    The U.S. Supreme Court, in a June 18, 2009 decision, has limited a claimant’s ability to prove an age discrimination case in court. The case, Gross v. FBL Financial Services, Inc. (08-441), decided by ...

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  • Belo Plan Contracts
    Belo Plan Contracts

    One of the requirements in the FLSA to prove that an employee is under salary and not an hourly employee for the purposes of paying overtime is the concept of a “constant weekly wage,” where the ...

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