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  • EEOC Gets a Boost in Subpoena Power
    EEOC Gets a Boost in Subpoena Power

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) recently won a victory in the Second Circuit that will significantly increase its ability to investigate employer practices on a nationwide basis. ...

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  • Lifetime Income Disclosure Act
    Lifetime Income Disclosure Act

    Georgia employees with 401(K)’s may be able to get more information on what they have in their accounts, if a bill introduced on December 4th in the U.S. Senate passes. Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson ...

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  • Retail Commissions and Overtime
    Retail Commissions and Overtime

    Just because you receive commissions doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t qualify for overtime . The FLSA has carved out an exemption to overtime pay for people who receive commissions as a part of ...

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  • Airport Security Workers Decision
    Airport Security Workers Decision

    Work for the Transportation Safety Administration at Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport ? There may be some bad news for you if you want to pursue an overtime case here in Georgia. The U.S. ...

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  • Work Time
    Work Time

    There are some employers who, if you don’t watch them, will go in and change your hours worked on your time clock. This can run afoul of Georgia employment law as well as federal regulations. This may ...

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  • Wage Garnishment FAQ
    Wage Garnishment FAQ

    Getting your wages garnished is an embarrassing situation, often made worse but at least a perceived threat of losing your job. While most employers know that they can’t threaten job loss if an ...

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