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Atlanta Business Litigation AttorneyAt Buckley Beal, we are dedicated to providing business owners and shareholders in Atlanta with high-quality representation in a small-firm setting. While larger firms boast about their numerous associates and extensive experience, they often lack the personal quality that is found with smaller firms. We have found that mutual partnership is essential to successful litigation, which is why we work closely with our clients throughout the entirety of a case.

Our Atlanta business litigation firm is committed to each client and their unique needs. We provide one-on-one attorney attention and use a proactive approach to evaluate risks and weigh the costs for each client's case.

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Our Atlanta business law firm can help your business thrive by protecting it in all types of business disputes and legal issues. From the moment you retain our firm, we will keep you informed and take every action based on the best interests of your business.

Our practice areas include:

Business Law and Litigation FAQ

It is no secret that business law and litigation is a gray area for most people. Even the most-dedicated and seasoned business professionals are not ashamed to admit that they need help when it comes to seemingly simple legal matter. Our Atlanta business law attorneys have compiled a short list of some of the most frequently asked questions about business litigation and provided helpful answers in hopes of sorting out some of your upfront concerns. Of course, if you have additional questions or require more insight, feel free to contact us at any time.

  1. Is business litigation different from traditional litigation?
    Yes and no. It is the same in the way that matters unfold, including hiring an attorney, conducting pretrial investigations, seeking negotiations, filing appeals, and so on. It is different from most other lawsuits and legal concerns by virtue of generally involving businesses instead of single individuals.
  2. Do I have to use litigation to solve my business-related dispute?
  3. Sometimes mediation – working with a neutral third party to find an agreeable middle ground – or arbitration – relying on a neutral third party to come to a final decision for your dispute – can be used instead of business litigation and courtrooms. You should never rule out one solution over another until you have fully explored all of your available options.
  4. Can I continue to run my business while litigation proceeds?
  5. Possibly but this is fragile ground. If your dispute or legal issue concerns a scandal that goes to the core of your business structure, like a critical breach of contract, your business might be frozen until it is resolved. If the litigation is centered on something considerably less involved, like just reviewing a contract for errors or updates, you are likely good to keep running business like normal. Always check with your business law attorney if you are worried that continuing operations could worsen a dispute.
  6. Why do I need an Atlanta business litigation lawyer?‚Äč
  7. Businesses run on contracts riddled with fine print and clouded by countless laws. Even if you have a complete grasp on legal issues regarding your business, odds are you simply do not have the time required to handle them appropriately. Allow our team to step in and act on your behalf so you know that nothing is being overlooked or mismanaged.

Business Formation and Structuring

Out of all the concerns a business owner can have in regards to their business, one of the most common is just wondering how it will all begin. In other words, how the business will be formed. For many owners, shielding their personal finances and assets from any liabilities or consequences tied to their new business is a priority.

The solution for such an owner may be to form a limited liability company (LLC). This will give you the ability to run your business how you want, perhaps with the help of partners, but also maintain a safe distance from the company should something go wrong, such as a lawsuit from an angry consumer or bankruptcy if you cannot turn a profit.

Deciding that your business will be an LLC, a joint venture, or any other business formation type is an important step but your decision is not entirely final. If you find years later that managing your business is complicated, costly, and inefficient, you can restructure it.

At Buckley Beal LLP, our Atlanta business litigation attorneys fully understand how a business runs, from top to bottom, beginning to end. If you have any structuring or restructuring needs, you can come to us for trusted legal guidance.

Big Firm Support for Small Business Owners

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), there were close to 28 million small businesses in America in 2010. Entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop shops have kept the American Dream alive for decades, and there is no sign of them slowing down. At Buckley Beal LLP, we want to do our part in supporting hard-working members of our communities by extending our services to businesses of all sizes, even small two-man crews. In many ways, small businesses need strong business litigation representation more than any other company or corporation because a small issue could easily cause a widespread complication.

We can help small and private businesses overcome obstacles regarding:

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Buckley Beal has more than 85 years of combined legal experience. Our leading Atlanta business attorney Andrew Beal has more than 25 years of experience and has received a number of awards and recognitions. These honors include a 5.0 AV Preeminent® Rating with Martindale-Hubbell® and inclusion in the 2006 edition of Georgia Trend Legal Elite. He has also been an adjunct professor of law at Emory University School of Law for six years.

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